It is all about
Tradition, Unity and Solidarity

Benefits of Membership in the
Dachshund Club of America?

The Dachshund Club of America is the “Parent” Club for the Dachshund Breed… all varieties and sizes of the Dachshund. The Parent Club is responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of that particular breed. Dachshund Club of America members are the guardians of the breed. AKC breed standards originate with the national Parent Clubs for the respective breeds. Any changes or revisions to the standards must also originate with the Parent Club. The membership of the Parent Club must vote on and approve the standard or revision before it is submitted to the AKC Board of Directors for approval. Only Dachshund Club of America members can vote on changes to the AKC Dachshund standard. Dachshund Club of America members also vote on who is elected to DCA Board positions, as well as any DCA recommendations to the AKC regarding Dachshund Field Trials and Earthdog Tests.

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