It is all about
Tradition, Unity and Solidarity

  • Respecting the long-standing traditions of the American Dachshund
  • Vowing to preserve and protect our Breed, not change it to suit the transient whims of fashion
  • Opposing the separation of the Miniature Dachshund into a variety or breed
  • And above all, standing united in support of the
    Dachshund Club of America as the only Parent Club
    of our beloved Breed

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The following Dachshund Club of America members support the opinions expressed on this website. If youare a memberof the DCA and would like your name added to this list, please send an email to

Lois Ballard - Pocketpack -
Charlotte Borghardt, Teckelhof Dachshunds -
Jan Oswald - Darshan Dachshunds
Joy Taylor - Rockdachs
Christopher & Patricia Mims - Phantom Longhaired Dachshunds -
Lynn Cope -Jeric's Kennels -
Wendy Shaffmaster McQuiston
Kay Shaffmaster
Lisa Warren - Elysium
Karen Murray - Karavel
Dave & Lynn Niebur - Niebur's SS Dachshunds
Patt Nance - Dorndorf
Marlies Noll - Heidachs
MaryAnne Teal
Nancy Silk - Silkwind Dachshunds
Karen Christiano Kennedy - Teklhaus
Phyllis Rosinsky - Canterbury Tails
Cindi S. Todd - Laci
Andra OConnell,- Amtekel -
Laura D. Eckard - Carousel Dachshunds
Anne Carson - Twelfth Night
Ted & Karen Brunner - Barkerville
Karen Mann
Fran Colonna - Kanawha
Jennifer Abersold - HarborMyst
Tracy Freeling
Elaine Hanson
Ruby Valencia - Valenhofen
Rosemary Berardino - Dogwood Wyrs
Alta Bassett - Dogwood Wyrs
Sue McClelland
Bruce & Vicki Walsh - Sunspun
Beate Richards - von der Valkuere
Lowell & Alberta Flachs - Flachshunds
Anthea (Dee) Gregory - Cedarcreek
Vikki McConnell -
Judi Rideout
Maryl Douglas - Furlong
Trudy Coldwell - Poohdachs
Dr. Robert Turton
Jan Schirmer - Sunteckel
Rhonda Doty -MardiGras' Dachshunds
Dawn-Renee Mack - Ruger Dachshunds
Sidney Stafford - Siddachs
Joanie Hans
Kathleen Laurel - Abbey Dachshunds
Marci Forrester

Julie Layton Couch - Westrose
Nancy Baronas - Barondachs
Cathy Gunn
Neal & Helen Hamilton - Applehill
Neal Glaser / Karen Simmons - Novamidachs
Cathy Blatz - Summerhill
Sue Woodard
Nelson & Lorraine Warren
Joanne & Darryl Hurst
Edith Colaneri - Teckelhof
June Mann - Glenarrif
Kim Ristedt

Individuals who are NOT a member of DCA but want to show your support of the opinions expressed here, you too are welcome and can have your name added to the ever growing list of supporters! Just email <>

Sue Cassel
Fernande Hastert Kuykendall
Tom Levesque